Makeup & Hair

Elena Pacienza was born in Toronto, currently working in between there and Montreal. Pacienza is an acclaimed hair & makeup artist, whose career spans nearly two decades in the industry. Her Italian roots are what gives her that elegance and flair for life. It was only natural for Elena to pursue a career in makeup as she recalls playing with her mother’s lipsticks and eyeliners as a child instead of crayons. Pacienza treats every job with importance and enthusiasm. She likes to create from a place of joy and keeps others around her in tune with her creative process. Elena draws inspiration from the diverse experiences that being an artist provides her– whether it be the intimate residence of a personal client or finding herself doing makeup on a wildlife sanctuary island surrounded by giraffes. 

Skin is her true passion, she uses the face as a canvas. Effortless and contemporary looks are what have made her a favorite with clients such as Aritzia, Holt Renfrew and Adidas. Elena’s endless talent and engaging personality garnered her a celebrity clientele including Rachel McAdams and Michael Caine to name a few. Her many travels and artistic abilities have enabled her work to be seen and published internationally.