Makeup & Hair

Emy first fell in love with her profession working as a hair stylist at the renown Montreal salon, Pure, as well as being a model for the prestigious hair line, Redken. Through these opportunities she discovered her innate talent and shaped her love for fashion. For Emy, beauty is a form of self-expression; it mirrors an emotion. That vision, which she conveys through her equally minimalist and unique aesthetic, translates into her desire to make her subject shine. Emy is known for her creative versatility and can move fluidly between commercial beauty and creative makeup. 

With more than a decade of experience, Emy finds herself still motivated by the amazing people she gets to meet because of her job, whether she is in Montréal or New York, where she travels frequently. The sum of her work can be seen in Vogue UK, Dazed and Confused, Vice, Bullet, Dress to Kill and Numéro, as well as on the faces of a few international beauties. Her travels are a great source of inspiration, she feeds her creativity through these experiences.