Fashion Stylist

Growing up in the vibrant city of Montreal with parents in the publishing industry, Frederique was motivated at a young age by her intuitive creativity. Fred has a natural sense of what is effortless and understands how to convey comfort and confidence. Her devotion and that  “go getter'' attitude coming from her sun in Aries, as she joyously stated, makes her an undeniable asset on any production.. Fred believes that the most important part of being a stylist is the collaboration between the client and the creative--making sure all parts of the job run smoothly and cohesively to create the best possible storyline. Frederique draws inspiration from her travels, architectural books  and the natural world around her to help create environments pleasing to the eye and mind. Her favorite cultural destinations being Tokyo, Berlin and Paris, she finds great joy in being able to mix different cultures.

Fred is a lover of simple looks. She distinguishes herself and her style by the elegance of the colors and textures of the looks she creates. Her undenying ease at mixing layers, transparencies and elasticity of fabrics has brought her to work with numerous clients in both the fashion and corporate world. We can see some of her latest work on prestigious brands like Zara kids and JJJJound.