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Jemée is a Montreal based artist, considered a pioneer in the art of Tooth Gems in Canada. Freedom, love, and the respect for her roots are the values conveyed through her passionate approach to her craft and professionalism throughout her career. Jemée channels her creative voice through her authentic personality.  Artistry and empathy are what give her a good understanding of any styles. She relates greatly to an editorial look and feel in all its forms.  Her work is inspired by aesthetics like punk and mysticism and she doesn't shy away from an avant-garde playful sexiness in her applications.

Jemée has become a must in Montreal for international artists from musicians and models to content creators and industry professionals alike. While also being an inspiration to those in the field thanks to her unique artistic voice and authentic presence on the platforms. Her latest creations can be seen on the latest Youth To The People international campaign and Ardène's Canadian campaign.


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