Prop Stylist & Set Decor
Prop Stylist & Set Decor
Artistic Direction & Set Styling

Lisa Yang is a Taiwanese-Canadian artist currently based in Montreal. Interdisciplinary artist,  Prop stylist, art director and photographer, Lisa can bring any idea to life. She is inspired and interested in the interaction with objects, surfaces, light and materials. Drawn to nature, especially flowers, and banal objects found in her home, Yang often plays with manipulation using light, materials and digital applications. For her the design is interesting from an artistic point of view because it puts us in touch with the objects of our interiors. Interacting with an object over time creates a different relationship, especially when you can touch and hold it. It then integrates into the ecosystem of other objects and the architecture that encompasses them. 

Lisa brought her versatile magical touch to the recent Pure Beauty, Antoine Laoun and Little Burgundy campaigns.