Fashion Stylist

Olivia is passionate about everything related to art, design, architecture, music, travel, and the environment.  Her work is like a diptych piece of art: on one side, she's behind multiple editorials and advertising campaigns, and on the other, she's dressed many public figures, some of which show her an unshakeable trust. Always looking for the next emerging designer to feature in her work, Olivia likes experimenting with volumes and mixing high-end and more affordable fashion together. Never girly, she'd instead put together an image of a strong woman. Her love of the local fashion has brought her to launch in 2020, PREMIÈRE ADRESSE, a finely curated platform of fashion, beauty and home goods. The idea was born out of a desire to contribute, in her own way, to the democratization of local purchasing. 

When working with a model Olivia is writing a story and creating an aesthetic-based universe which she finds extremely stimulating. Oppositely, when she works with an artist, it’s the psychological and intimate aspect that thrills her. Her 15 years of experience working as a stylist and artistic director allowed her to work alongside the most talented photographers and on the branding of some of the largest Canadian fashion retailers like Aldo, Simons and Reitmans.