Fashion Stylist

Imbued with his communication studies, Tinashe uses his stylistic work as a vector to convey an idea or an emotion. His approach to fashion is like storytelling, hoping to induce a reflection and touch the viewer. Tinashe loves putting together an eclectic mix of personal experiences and transposing them into a surreal environment. He started his fashion journey as a scout for a model agency in Toronto, where he decided to redirect his attention to styling, a vocation that felt more in tune with his affinity for visual expression.

Tinashe’s diverse experiences have given him a layered understanding of design, niche markets, and a grasp of culture. Like a pictorial poet, Tinashe has collaborated with many clients that were drawn to his singular vision of fashion, like Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Bullet, Flaunt and L'Oréal.