Get to Know More About: Cami You-Ten

Cami You-Ten is our Canadian, (Swiss & Chinese descent) new face at Folio Montreal. During Fashion Week, she walked for Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Richard Quinn and many more. Now it’s time to learn more about this beauty with some question she answered for you. Enjoy!

1.What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Check Instagram and text my mom.

2.The item of clothing you wear the most is?
Any sweater I can find in my closet!

3.What is your guilty pleasure?
I love to eat chocolate and watch way too much Netflix...

4.What about your beauty essentials?
I like to change the products I use from season to season but my La Roche Posay exfoliator has to be one of my all-time essentials.

5.When it comes to modelling what do people not realize?
The process behind a collection. It takes so much work and time to create a collection that’s beautiful and captivating.

6.What is your favourite place to travel?
London! There’s something about the city that I just fall in love with every time I go.

7.What do you do when you’re stressed?
I like to go to a local coffee shop and listen to music on my phone while having a cup of coffee. It can be so stressful to manage everything and I think it’s so important to take time out of your day for yourself.

8.What is the best advice you ever received?
Everything happens for a reason.

9.What makes you feel beautiful?
When I take care of myself and have time for myself.

10.Where can we follow your work?
Instagram (@camiyouten), so much is done through social media these days!