Get To Know More About: DELPHINE

Meet our rising star, Delphine. Starting her career with a bang, Delphine has just return her first fashion week in Milan and Paris. She had the opportunity to walk for Yohji Yamamoto, Stella Jean, Act n°1. We wanted to give you the chance to know more about her sweet personality, so here are some questions she answered for you. Enjoy!

1. What is your favourite trend?
Fanny pack is my favourite trend for sure! It’s practical and safer when you’re always on the go.

2. What’s your daily routine?  
I’m passionate about psychology, if I’m not on set or at the gym you can find me reading A LOT of books on psychology. I’m not studying it but I'm just really passionate about it, it’s my hobby.

3. What do you like the most about being a model?
I love modelling because I can meet so many interesting people. It allows me to forge new links and I love it.  I really enjoy travelling too! It’s so inspiring. I like to learn about other cultures, learn new languages, the architecture, etc.

4. Who inspires you?
Carl Jung! If you don’t know him, he was a Swiss psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. One of his famous quotes was:“It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.” And it helps me to have a better understanding of people around me. Now I focus on the bright side of people and this way it helps me understanding the differences between every personality, it’s so inspiring. You should try it!

6. what is your life’s goal?
Spread love around me.

7. Which accomplishment are you the most proud of?
This season was so amazing. I got the chance to travel, do amazing casting and runways. I’m really proud of myself. Thanks to my agency for all of those opportunities.